Revolutionizing genomic medicines

Inspired by patients, directed by nature’s intelligence.

What does Helex do?

Re-shaping gene editing drug design by leveraging nature’s own operating system- the epigenome, and the 3-D spatial organization of the genome to develop effective, safer and reliable therapeutics for patients with high unmet need.

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Cell & tissue specific editing

Avoiding unwanted editing in non-target cells and tissues for higher safety of in vivo editing

Comprehensive safety assessment of gene editing

Comprehensive short term and long-term impact estimation of editing on the genome and cell functioning

Scalable platform, editor enzyme & vector agnostic

Proprietary target identification, rational gene editing drug design to suit multiple editing nucleases

What does Helex do?

Reshaping gene editing by leveraging nature’s own operating system-epigenome and the 3-D spatial organization of the genome to develop effective, safe and reliable therapies to provide cures to genetic conditions.

  1. Higher control on gene editing inside the body
  2. Comprehensive long-term safety assessment of gene editing
  3. Scalable platform applicable to various RNA guided editors

Cell & Tissue Specific Editing

Platform enables target cell & tissue specific editing for high specifity

Scalable Platform, Cas & Vector Agnostic

Technology applicable across all targets and tissues types

Comprehensive Safety Assessment of Gene Editing

Bioinformatics to assess edit impact on genome, epigenome & long-term safety

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What is it used for?

Advancing therapeutics: To provide, best in class, safe gene editing based therapeutics to radically change the lives of patients and their loved ones.

Accelerating drug development: Leveraging data, machine learning and decoding the answers to safer and more efficient gene editing via epigenetics, we are able to significantly reduce the trial and error in designing gene editing based drugs.
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What kind of impact?

Impacting patients and their loved ones.
We can collectively impact 400 Million people living with some form of rare genetic disease that have no real workable therapies so far. And as gene editing becomes mainstream, chronic diseases that impact at least 1 in 4 people worldwide can hope to have one and done therapies for increased longevity and quality of life.

Advancing the knowledge on human biology.  
For the first time, we are able to not just understand the genome as a 2D alignment, but visualize its structure, form and folding owing to advanced techniques. We want to advance this knowledge for far more scientific breakthroughs.
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About us

We are a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company unlocking epigenetics and 3D genome structures through data and machine learning to design high precision gene editing systems and evaluate edit impact on global genome for  safer therapeutics.
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